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Michael Bisping doesn’t like Nate Diaz’s chances in potential boxing match with Jake Paul: “Size matters”

Michael Bisping has explained why he doesn’t fancy Nate Diaz’s chances in a possible boxing match with Jake Paul.

Ever since beating Tony Ferguson earlier this year, Nate Diaz has been a free agent. The Stockton king left the UFC following the final fight on his contract, riding off into the sunset in style with a submission win over ‘El Cucuy’.

Now, fans are watching and waiting to see what he’s going to do next.

There are multiple avenues that he can go down but the biggest, of course, would be a boxing match against Jake Paul.

‘The Problem Child’ is now 6-0 after defeating Anderson Silva on Saturday night. In the immediate aftermath, he made it known that he’d be interested in boxing Nate.

Michael Bisping, who has also had some run-ins with Paul, had the following to say on the matter.

“I don’t hate Nate Diaz. I’ve got nothing against Nate Diaz, I’m a fan of the excitement and the attitude, he’s real. But I don’t think Nate Diaz would beat Jake in a boxing fight, if I’m honest, he’s just too small. At 170, he went 5-5 in the UFC, he was predominantly a lightweight. Size matters. He’s not a boxer, he probably doesn’t have the power that Jake Paul does.”

Paul vs Diaz?

“Getting thrown out of the arena – I get it, it’s great for creating hype. I’m not hating, but the man is pushing 40, bro. It’s probably just hype for the fight and if that’s the case then of course I’ll let it go, I acted like a d***head when fighting so I’ve got to remember that. But going around, getting thrown out of arenas?”

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