Logan Paul issues lengthy response to Brendan Schaub after being accused of breaking the first rule of fight club

By Cole Shelton - October 10, 2023

Logan Paul has fired back at Brendan Schaub.

Logan Paul

Paul is set to return to the boxing ring on Saturday, Oct. 14 in Manchester, England as he faces Dillon Danis. In the lead-up to the fight, Danis has been posting unflattering photos of Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal with other men. It has gone on for so long that Agdal is now suing Danis which Schaub isn’t a fan of.

“This bums me out. First rule of fight club 1. Don’t sue another fighter building the fight,” Schaub wrote about Paul vs. Danis.

After Brendan Schaub sent out his message, Logan Paul fired back at the former UFC heavyweight as he issued a lengthy response as to why Nina Agdal is suing Dillon Danis.

“It bums me out that 3 weeks ago I DM’d you Nina’s lawsuit details because of your ignorance & your response was “Oh Jesus. Did not know that. Not cool.” … Then you come on here talking about fight club rules like you’re the referee. This twisted ‘promotion’ has gone FAR beyond the fight game & you know that. Plus, I’m not the one suing him,” Logan Paul wrote.

“He picked a fight with an innocent woman who is standing up for herself the only way she can: by holding a predator legally accountable for breaking the law — any person who doesn’t understand that is a delusional twat. The lawsuit is HER choice, and I fully support her. Now I get to break his face in front of millions of people & ruin his entire life. Win win,” Logan Paul added.

Although some fighters have been disappointed that Logan Paul’s fiancée is suing Dillon Danis, the brash YouTuber has no problem with it.

Also, Paul is excited to beat up Danis himself, assuming the fight still happens, as the YouTuber has been worried that the Bellator fight still won’t show up.


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