Logan Paul confirms VADA drug testing for Dillon Danis boxing match: “My physique is because of my hard work”

By Josh Evanoff - September 27, 2023

There will be drug testing for Logan Paul’s boxing match with Dillon Danis.

Logan Paul

‘The Maverick’ and ‘El Jefe’ are currently set to face off next month in the U.K. There, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis will be the co-main event of KSI vs. Tommy Fury, in the YouTuber’s first fight in over two years. Meanwhile, the boxing match will be the first in the career of the Bellator star.

Nonetheless, things have gotten heated between the two stars in the build to the fight. One theme that has been discussed time and time again is steroids. For his part, Dillon Danis has repeatedly alleged that Logan Paul was on banned substances, and also requested drug testing.

Luckily for him, Logan Paul confirmed that the fight will have VADA drug testing leading into the bout next month. The YouTuber-turned-boxer announced the news on The MMA Hour alongside Ariel Helwani. There, he added that Dillon Danis and others will be disappointed to see his clean tests next month.


Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

Image via: @dillondanis on X

“KSI and Tommy did their VADA testing so I called Mams [Taylor] and was like, are we doing this? Can we do this?” Logan Paul stated to Ariel Helwani discussing drug testing for his boxing match with Dillon Danis. “He said yeah, he confirmed it. So we’ll be doing drug testing in a week, two weeks. It’s going to be nice to show a clean test because I’m in this position where people will say or do anything to discredit anything I do.”

He continued, “Any opportunity I get to shut them the f*ck up is nice. So I get to show people my physique is because of my hard work, and my genetics, and that I haven’t used steroids. It will be a nice feeling.”

What do you make of these comments? Are you excited about Logan Paul’s boxing return against Dillon Danis?


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