Video | Uly Diaz scores amazing three-second KO at BKFC 14

By Adam D Martin - November 15, 2020

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fighter Uly Diaz scored an incredible three-second KO over Donelei Benedetto at BKFC 14 on Saturday night.


Diaz is a 39-year-old Cuban boxer who has racked up a 12-1 record in boxing with 11 knockouts, plus a 1-0 record in MMA and a 2-0 record in bare-knuckle boxing. The Miami native made it 2-0 in BKFC 14 on Saturday when he scored an incredible KO that set the record for the fastest knockout in the history of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

Take a look at the amazing Diaz KO below via ESPN.

It’s an incredible knockout by a fighter who has seemingly come out of nowhere to emerge as a player in the boxing, BKFC, and MMA scenes. At 39 years old, you wouldn’t consider Diaz to be a prospect by any means just based on the fact he’s nearly 40. But this man is a late bloomer to the game and has an incredible amount of potential.

After beginning his boxing career in 2017 at the ripe age of 36, Diaz has racked up 12 wins in the boxing ring including 11 by way of knockout. He also has one win in MMA, a 31-second TKO in a Titan FC match in 2019. Since 2020 began, Diaz has fought twice in the BKFC ring, scoring first-round knockouts over Benedetto and Brian Maxwell.

When you see a knockout like this, you have to imagine that BFKC will want to push this man up their middleweights rankings quickly considering his age. But despite being 39, it appears that Diaz is still getting better and improving. So while he may not be the prototypical prospect, this is a man who is looking sharper and sharper every time out. The latest knockout could be exactly what Diaz needs to get to the next level.

Are you excited to see what is next for Uly Diaz following his incredible KO?

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