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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 01:38 pm

Shaquille O’Neal Accepts Jose Canseco’s Offer To Fight

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0 Responses to “Shaquille O’Neal Accepts Jose Canseco’s Offer To Fight”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    No way Jose wins this. Can’t wait!

    • danielrchargers says:

      hell yeah Shaq would Smash this stick playin roid monkey.

      • jc says:

        shaq looks a bit un-coordinated in training but if you watch jose’s fight he bitches out hard

        • Dick Niaz says:

          PLEASE HIRE Jeffrey Malott to ref this one (ref from Curran vs Warren)

          I don’t want this getting stopped until at least 28 seconds after Canseco is unconscious.

          PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE let Jose eat 30 seconds of Shaq Fu after going out to teach that tattle tale rat piece of shit a lesson

  2. A.James says:

    Does anyone else remember the videogame “Shaq-fu”?

  3. Nick says:

    I got Shaq attack. Jose seems like an attention whore.

  4. Kyle Hamlin says:

    Shaq is gonna get Jose on the ground and beat the steroids outta his ass!!

  5. z says:

    Was Jose Conseco vs Hong Man Choi a real fight?
    How did that matchup happen?

  6. m says:

    Shaq Fu all the way! Nice bit of poppin’ and strikin’ at the end

  7. PJ Benn says:

    I hope they knock each other out at the same time

  8. mean170 says:

    Shaq is a real Athlete, Conseco played baseball on steroids. Shaq in Round 1 by TKO

    • Eric says:

      So taking a man made substance that allows your body to recover from strenuous activities makes you not an athlete ? Steroids are not some movie/comic book consumption that makes you 10 times stronger. *POWER UP* Go Go Pacman get them ghosts. *POWER UP* Go Go Mario stomp on those Gumba’s.

  9. Bullcrap says:

    Who cares about this fucking twats

  10. Ryan M says:

    I want to see this so bad. Oh man, oh man, oh man. These guys are both huge and well trained. I think it could be a legitimate fight, but I’ll take a freakshow too.

  11. Jujitsu Player says:

    shaq all day long. he’s a monster.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      He is a glass jawed gutless fake .

      • Xaninho says:

        You should tell him that to his face tough guy…

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I’d fuckin love t’eh but I have been oppressed , discriminated against & denied each & every opportunity to do so because of my “European heritage ”

          See in the real world Fighters fight , they dont throw balls through hoops & pretend its a talent .

          They have courage & pride , which is why Europe has such a long a varied history of War .

          We are nobodys Token or charity case .

          If O’Neal wants respect as a fighter let him pay his dues against real fighters , not some token ball playing Latino looking to get paid for putting on a circus act .

        • Sam says:

          Whoa. That was really fucking stupid. I’m actually impressed.

        • You are a fucking dumb ass kid.. the man called him out.. so him going to fight him should earn your respect you ignorant fuck.. and a history of war? how about a fucking history of losing? we kicked your all’s asses in the revolutionary war, we saved your all’s asses in WWI and WWII.. so why don’t you learn a little fucking respect punk.. and you can talk shit when your country/countries learn to defend themselves you little pussy.

        • and if you aren’t from Britain, then we still saved your ass/or gave you to Russia one or the other

        • Bla DeBla says:

          @ Tyler Daniels

          What Language are you speaking ?

          Whose Currencey are you valuing yer Mickey Mouse Dollar against ?

          Whose clocks are you setting your clocks by ?

          What religion are you practicing ?

          America is a European Colony & you saved nobody from anything , ya just joined in tha rumble , one way or another a European Military was gonna win so tell me who lost ?

          We were fighting wars long before The USA was created so dont be gettin ideas above yer station wee man .

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Bla, I’m pretty sure he’s speaking English. I don’t think currency has anything to do with his comment. The clocks statement makes no sense whatsoever. As does the religion comment. Now, my knowledge of history may be slightly hazy, but I’m pretty sure he’s right in saying we did win the revolutionary war and establish our own series of colonies. In fact, our forefathers established a whole country. There’s now 50 states and everything. I swear. I’m not lying. And if WE didn’t get involved in WWII, Europe would not be what it is today. I think Germany had already invaded Poland, so they were on their way to laying siege to many more countries. Thus, you’re welcome Europe is not currently Nazi Germany. Last, I’m not sure how a person can get any ideas “above his station.”

          And how the hell has your European heritage prevented you from telling Shaq he’s a a “glass jawed gutless fake?” I don’t even have a snide remark for that. I’m just truly curious.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          England has butchered , robbed & oppressed the language , religion & culture of every neighbor they have ever had , there isnt a country in Europe they havent been at war with so what the fuck did you save us from you insular deluded fuckin idiot ?

          Do you even know what an Anglo Saxon is or where they originate from ?

          Greenwich Mean Time ?

          Never hear of it ?

          Yer name isnt Obama is it ?

          Coz yer knowledge of Economics appears to be on the same level as his , come back to me when ya can at least tell me what Sterling is .

          Yer Religion is Christian & the head of yer Christian Churches originate from where ?

          All yer laws are based upon the philosophy of what religion ?

          Point being … dress it up how you like , you are the north western Version of Australia , nothing more , nothing less .

          You saved nobody from anything & you arent doing anything we dont allow you to do .

          You are genetically , Spiritually & intellectually European , you have been away from “Home” so long you have gone a little wild & Native but you kno what I am saying is true .

          You are a colony , you were founded by Europeans , for Europeans , lately you have lost yer way a wee bit but luckly for you I like y’iz & am here to slap some sense back into ya .

          The tail never wags the dog , no matter what your media or should I say your military’s domestic propaganda tells ya .

          Thats your station in this world now dont be getting any stupid ideas above it again or I’ll slap some more sense into ya .

          If you aren’t aware that white athletes are being discriminated against at grass roots level in every professional sport to accommodate certain other races then now you are & therefore should be able to make sense of my comment .

          If theres anything else ya need beating into ya just say so & I’ll happily either beat it into ya or slap something else outa you .

          Thats right Luke … I am your Father .

          Welcome to reality .

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          That is probably the most irrelevant collection of words spoken on an MMA Web site. But to address your assertions, here goes. If you are trying to make a point, arrange your ideas and organize them cogently. That way, the reader could readily identify the point the writer is attempting to make and reference the associated topic. Moreover, proper spelling and grammar is essential. If anyone, it is you who has butchered the English language. Next, this is the first time England or Anglo Saxons have been brought into this conversation. Thus, your unintelligible remarks have absolutely no impact to this thread. Religion? Philosophy? Genetics? Spirituality? Intellectualism? How did they rear their heads into this conversation? I know you claim Christianity, began in Europe, but Rome merely adopted it and made it popular. The religion was actually believed to originate in Jerusalem in Israel, which is not geographically part of Europe. You mention economics, yet that was not previously discussed. You attempt to make me look like a fool and ask me to tell you what “Sterling” is, which is also another irrelevant topic. But to ease your concern, you probably thought I would tell you that Sterling is some kind of silver. However, the Sterling Pound, or the “Pound” is the United Kingdom’s primary currency. And Europeans did not originally found our “colony.” While they eventually settled here, Native Americans actually “found” the land. To dull it down to your academic level, dem Injuns dun livt in da land furst. Next, the fact that races are discriminated in sports provides no veracity or clarity to your statement. It still remains your claim of not being able to call Shaq “a glass jawed gutless fake” is without merit. The statement itself is neither racist, which may prevent you from making it, nor have you given any indication of how your heritage hinders your ability to make it. Whites discriminated against in sports? How does that qualify as a barrier for a fan’s statement? Did you really threaten to beat information into me and slap something out of me? I can only hope your idle threats over the Internet make you feel good about yourself, make you feel tough. I am not even going to dignify myself with a response to those idle threats because it has not happened and will never happen, considering I live in the United States, and I assume you live somewhere in Europe. Last, did you seriously use a Star Wars quote? That just displays your immaturity. I know my father. I had dinner with him the other night. His name is on my birth certificate, and due to certain circumstances, I have seen DNA results. So you’re not my father. Please come back with something much more intelligent.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I might consider yer request after you structure that self serving pointless drivel into paragraphs that would at least give the pretense that your pseudo intellectualism has some relevance to the topics I touched upon with another contributor long before you decided to interrupt with your limp wristed attention seeking .

          P.s I owe England , the English Language , you & yer like absolutely fuck all so if you dont like my methods of expressing myself within an international setting then take yer hypocritical complaints elsewhere , coz I wont be tolerating them .

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Here, I’ll structure this in paragraphs so you can understand better.

          Please inform me what request I made. I stated a fact regarding your writing style and then responded to your criticisms.

          You OWE the English language? What do you owe it? Do you mean you OWN the English language? If that is what you are implying, then that is far from the truth. First, there is a dash between self and serving, i.e. Self-serving. Second, the term is YOUR and not yet YER (I remember the first time I went on the Internet 15 years ago). Third, there is a comma in the phrase “self-serving, pointless drivel.” Fourth, I understand you were trying to come across as smart by saying “pseudo intellectualism,” but there is a dash between those two words as well.

          Further on that, I think my responses were far from lacking knowledge on the topics I was discussing. Contrarily, your post addresses absolutely nothing that I said. Therefore, I’m led to believe you cannot put forth a viable answer.

          And how is directly responding to you self-serving (again, with a dash)? I reap no benefits from correcting an insolent fool.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          LOL !!!

          Look who has come back dressed like I told him !!!

          Now go fix up that previous post into cohesive paragraphs like I told ya & dont be posting again until you have it done !

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Sure I fixed up my presentation. I should have done it originally. I was conscious of the fact I was presenting my post in a one-paragraph format but neglected to correct it to save space.

          Once again from your end, no response to anything I said. Are you stalling until you can formulate a proper response?

          And If I’m to fix only the paragraphs in my previous posts, then you should go back and correct your spelling, grammar, run-on sentences, etc. FYI, your paragraph structure could use some work as well. I’ll let you figure that out yourself.

          Now run along, fix all that, and maybe we could have a useful debate about an MMA-related topic. After all, that’s why we’re on here, right?

        • Bla DeBla says:

          LoL @ me stalling !.

          I’m basically making a complete cunt outa you & telling you to eat shit .

          I havent given you an answer because I havent read the content of your posts .

          You are a non entity .

          You have no business with me other than you have tried to ride shotgun onto this thread after I put some cunt in his place .

          Ask me whatever you like .

          Beg me for whatever you desire .

          Just dont expect a favorable response .

          I have already told you that your drivil is pseudo intellectual self serving shit .

          Surly you didnt honestly expect me to read you beyond that ?

          You have been judged & disregarded .

          Learn to live with it .

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          You’re making a cunt out of me? What kind of fantasy world do you live in?

          If you hadn’t read the contents of my posts, then you would have no idea that I was waiting for an answer would you? And last, if I have been judged and disregarded, then you wouldn’t keep responding, would you? You just totally contradicted yourself twice.

          You are truly one dumb motherfucker.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I havent read them , I have looked through em & if I noticed any one question or point I have responded scornfully toward it .

          You kno its true .

          Now smarten up a bit & go post on some other article & perhaps I’ll smack ya around for a few rounds if I see ya coming up with anything decent .

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          You haven’t responded to one single thing I’ve said. I spent a good deal of what I wrote criticizing the way you write, your grammar, spelling, sentence, structure, and punctuation because your present use of the language, in general, makes you sound like a fucking idiot. You must agree because you haven’t said a word back about that.

          I’ve made many points I thought you’d respond to. Instead of using interrogative sentences, I opted for declarative. But seeing how retarded you are, you have not been able to decipher the most basic inquiries.

          Additionally, you say you didn’t read what I’ve been writing, but you obviously have. How else could you possibly respond “scornfully toward” anything without having first read what was originally written? Just another example of how you contradict yourself, and how I make you look like a cunt. It’s a shame. We could have been friends. I’m inclined to agree that Shaq has a glass jaw.

  12. Mark Larson says:

    If this fight is on tv i will watch it. If it’s pay per view i wont waste a penny to see them fight.,other wise i have Shaq.

  13. david says:

    lol canseco was a total pussy in that hong man choi fight, shaqs gonna whup that ass, and hes black too so that gives him an advantage

  14. WTF says:

    Shaq by 1st round Ass Rape!

  15. Big Show says:

    of course Shaq will win… and he most win, Canseco is almost 50 years old. This fight it doesn´t make sense to me, perhaps Canseco need some more extra money… cause this is so crazy…

  16. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:


  17. Xaninho says:


  18. Keoni says:

    Lay off the drugs buddy

  19. Bla DeBla says:

    Fuckin Circus act .

    Attention seeking faggots should leave tha fighting to the fighters .

  20. UFC VIDEOS says:

    Which promotion and which committee would sanction this?

  21. jay says:

    did he seriously run away and then tap out??? what a fucking pussy!!! now way he will stand and bang with shaq

  22. Gouldx87 says:

    Shaq’s gonna land some serious knees on this fool…look up the video of shaq throwin knees its amusing

  23. Da Cocoa Kid says:

    Who do I got in this fight? Is “who gives a monkey shit?” and option?

    • Da Cocoa Kid says:

      Recall them TERRIBLE celebrity boxing matches and recall all of Jose Canseco’s other fights and please recall Kimbo Slice’s first couple of MMA fights and realize this: getting in the cage to fight is completely different than doing it in sparring or oon the street or whatever. The adrenaline rush you get walking to the cage and then just before the ref tells you to fight, it will drain you if you are not ready and prepared for it. Think of this fight as 2 drunks in their 60’s getting ready to fight outside of a biker bar on a Saturday night when one guy tries to take the other guy’s “old lady” home with him. A train wreck it will be…

  24. James Kim says:

    ^^^ what does this have to do with Shaw vs conseco? Stick to mma topics beofore u get owned.

  25. Jaedr says:

    Shaq is going to SLAM DUNK THIS MOFO!!!!

  26. The Unknown says:

    Canseco’s getting a little too head of himself … SHAQ by w.e the fuck he wants !!!

    • nick says:

      Man some people here need to take steele’s dick out of their mouth ! What the fuck has fat shaq done ? What the fuck does bball have anything to do with fighting? Is it cause hes black fucking negrophilla

    • The Unknown says:

      No dumbass its kuz Canseco got his ass kicked in k1 with less than a year of experience .. and Shaqs been doing boxing, thai, and jiu jitsu for a few years now. Not to mention that size advantage. Maybe if you read a fuckin article or 2 you’d be educated a little more on what Shaq’s training regimen consists of other than bball. Racist fuckin cum guzzling faggit .. go jerk ur pencil dick off to Canseco hitting homeruns. No one wants to see that guy fight or win.

      • uknown takes it up the ass says:

        Only homo is you just get the knee pads out and suck and the shazam errr shaqtus you fucking negrophilla bitch ..So does once or twice a year cut it ? Oneil does not train as much as he says looks goofy in his stand up. He’s no better then Canseco . And big fucking deal he trains once a year . And I am a racist for calling it as it is ? I bet you would like the big diesle to put it up your ass ..keep sucking that cock fag

  27. Dreyke says:

    If Shaq fights the way he danced at the end of that video, he’s got this 100% haha

  28. WaG kA nA ! ! ! says:

    Jose Canseco vs Barry Bonds!!!

  29. craig h says:

    i’d love to see the UFC sanction this… but as an added stipulation if the fight lasts longer than 2 minutes or if 1 bitch slap is thrown… they throw shane carwin in the octagon to chase both of them about… that would be worth watching

  30. Jason N says:

    freak show. Would rather see them in a spelling bee.

  31. rafcotez says:

    lol cansecos a bitch… he almost blacked out when choi’s jab grazed him,..he went down with the first well placed hit from shaw… hes a glass jaw and i understand you have to keep fluid and stay on your toes but this video just shows alot of hailmary punches, running away, and lack of ground game.. as soon as he hit the mat he was done not even an attempt to trap or escape or anything for that matter he just blocked and tapped …. im 5.8 156lbs and id fight that fool too if he wants roids and all… of course id keep any profits made from the event….. no point in fruitless violence after all lol

  32. rafcotez says:

    ha ha ha cansecos gay

  33. twizzle says:

    Shaq has been doing this stuff forever, Jose is just a roided up little bitch with a big mouth.

  34. You forgot to list “Shaq-Fu” as O’Neil’s main discipline.

  35. Johnathan says:

    white athletes arent discriminated against they just arent any good except for golf,tennis,or soccer. you know sports that black guys dont like…….yet

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Except for their designated politically correct activity’s for human beings of their particular ethnicity within a perverted tokenistic society you mean eh ?

      Thanks for proving my point with your ignorance or is it blind arrogance ?

      Either way thanks Dipshit .

    • jonesy says:

      ya thats why te hw champ is black…. and the ww champ ..and in 6 months the mw champ…hmmmmmm 1 chamop in all the weights black,,,u a fukin goof

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Its the same old story , the honest talented man creates it , nurtures it & stabilizes it , then the politicians intervene & pervert it to manipulate the masses into thinking some are better than they really are & that others arent as good as they really are .

        Theres sections of society begging to be placed into Gulags , Concentration Camps & or Internment Camps until such time they can live peacefully within a civilized progressive society & be proud of their role within that same society .

        We are now living in a perverted spiritual & intellectual Dark Age because of pandering to elements within society who Natural Selection demands are exterminated for the good of the collective .

        Fuckin Charity Cases !

    • What about Hockey? fuck that… what about Rugby? Have you seen the game of rugby? people die in that game alllll the time lol.

  36. jose says:

    Conseco by flying armbar round 1.

  37. lol says:

    really shaq? push ups in the rain?!!!

  38. Hung Hocannson says:

    SHAQ FU!!!!

    who doesnt remember that game?? haha

  39. Smoooooooooth says:

    F*ck shak’s nigger ass. I hope he gets KTFO.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      What, your girlfriend leave you for a black man, or did you happen to walk in the house and see mommy with a black man’s cock in her mouth? Take your ass back to the backwood hills, you redneck racist.

  40. bigjoeftw says:

    its things like this that make people think MMA is a joke like the WWE

    • Skipwan says:

      No one thinks MMA is a joke you goon. Because conceco’s fighting shaq? what about the celebrety boxing matches that were going on in the late 90s early 2000s? is boxing a joke to you? step in the ring with a boxer or MMA fighter and say that.

  41. dante040 says:

    This must be a dream come truefor Shaq. I’m sure he’s.wanted fight with the years of training he’s done. And he’s already called out liddell and Hong man. So now he gets to beat on jose

  42. Dosan says:

    Canseco should win.

  43. David says:

    All i have to say reading through this thread besides the obvious that Shaq would smash Canseco, is that wow Thurgood Jenkins you really do quite a fantastic job of making all of us Americans a complete group of morons. Seriously I am on your side and wow that was bad. You obviously, from the very start had no comprehension of any of his points which were presented in a clear and lucid manner. I’m not going to go in to details because frankly i don’t feel like wast my times, but clearly you need to study more of history and take a broader view of the world before you try to present yourself as knowledgeable about any of these subjects.

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