Jon Jones Laughs Off His Controversial Instagram Posts

Several weeks ago during the period where Jon Jones hadn’t signed the contract for a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson he posted a video on Instagram that was directed at the people trash talking him. “Asking for an undefeated Olympic wrestler and Strikeforce champion makes me somehow a coward. How ’bout the fact that I beat Gustafsson already, whether you guys like how close it was or not. It’s my career…not yours.”

Jones removed the video quickly, but not before it had been downloaded and spread throughout the vast regions of the internet. Yesterday Jones joined Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour to talk about the incident and said he knew exactly what he was doing.

“I understand that doing certain things get certain reactions,” Jones said. “I find it funny, I really do.”

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“I just think that I’m a really original character and I don’t think people know how to categorize me,” Jones said. “So they want me to be a certain way. What people have to realize and remember is that I can never be exactly who they want me to be. I need to be myself wholeheartedly and have fun with everything.”

Jones went on to say this interesting bit of information to end the interview:

“I think the video gets talked about even more when it gets taken down.”

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