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Thursday, 12/19/2013, 12:15 pm

BJPENN.COM Quick Hits: Is Georges St. Pierre the Greatest Champion of All Time?

BUY or SELL: Ronda Rousey deserves to be in the P4P rankings despite having only one UFC win.

BUY – Ronda Rousey certainly deserves to be among the ranks in the UFC’s pound-for-pound class. “Rowdy” is 7-0 with seven submissions and dominates her weight class which I feel is a key component in being pound-for-pound fighter. If (or when?) she plows through Miesha Tate in devastating fashion come Dec. 28 it will only solidify her position atop the UFC women’s food chain.  As far her not being considered on the p4p list because of her experience, Rousey has just one fight under the UFC banner but she is a UFC fighter, which I believe is the only qualification needed, to be considered on the list. – Brett Auten

SELL – The term “pound for pound” is used to describe which fighter would win in a fight, if size were not a factor (it is NOT a popularity contest, which some people tend to forget)… I can hardly imagine Ronda beating some of the men that aren’t on the P4P list, and who ARE her size (Faber, McDonald, Cruz), so for anyone to place her on a pound for pound list is insulting to the other members of said list. On top of that, Ronda has had one fight in the UFC, and for anyone to use that as a basis to place her in the P4P talk is simply a ploy for shock value. – Jim Chadwick

FACT or FICTION: Robbie Lawler deserves the title shot more than Carlos Condit.

OUT of BOUNDS: Are guys like Dana White and Joe Rogan out of line for talking about certain fighters and when they need to retire?


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