WATCH! Rare footage shows how bad Jose Aldo was hurt immediately after stoppage

By Russell Ess - December 17, 2015

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New ringside footage has emerged that shows how out of it Jose Aldo was following the left hook and hammer fists that caused referee Big John McCarthy to stop the contest with Conor McGregor.

Some critics that can’t believe the fact that Aldo lost say that the fight was a fix. However, even the most rehearsed series of movements would be nearly impossible to have had the timing and precision that both Aldo and McGregor had in the unfortunate outcome for Aldo, and fortunate outcome for McGregor.

There are many that want to see the rematch between McGregor and Aldo and what could happen in another fight that hopefully lasts longer than 13 seconds. McGregor believes the outcome would have ended the same way even if no one expected it to happen within the first few exchanges of the fight while Aldo’s camp says that it happened once, and would not happen again in the rematch.

Do you want to see McGregor and Aldo go at it another time and hopefully see more of a fight that will last more than a few seconds? Let’s get your opinion in the comments!

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