Florian Says Ronda’s On A Different Level Than Entire UFC, Doesn’t Want Carano Thrown To Wolves

“She keeps getting better. She’s getting more comfortable in the Octagon. Man, honestly? No, I don’t. Not at 135 pounds. I don’t see it happening. She is a beast in all aspects. A lot of it comes from the mental level. There’s very few people who even understand that realm that she’s at. It’s scary.”

“It’s a lot to ask (of Carano). It’s a lot to ask of any athlete to have years of not preparing for a fight. Years of Ronda Rousey getting better. Gina’s been so focused on making movies and other things. It’s a lot to ask of Gina to go, ‘OK. Here, we’re going to feed you Ronda Rousey.’ That’s a tough thing. I would like to see Gina compete against someone else.”

“I think Gina is very talented. I think she’s very good. I think that would be a huge fight if she got signed by the UFC. Quite possibly the biggest fight you can make in the UFC right now, men or women. But here’s the problem with Ronda Rousey. She is so damn talented and has so many years competing at this level for years. Here’s a girl that at 16 years old was on a plane cutting weight for the world championships or the Olympics.

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“To have that mental mindset is a complete different level that few male athletes in the UFC understand. You have the Yoel Romero’s, Daniel Cormier. Guys who have been there. It’s a complete different level when you’re talking about the Olympics.”

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