Daniel Cormier & Michael Bisping slam steroid users in the UFC: Real Talk – Flashback Bisping

By bjpenndotcom - December 29, 2015

Michael Bisping has always been vocal about how he feels about steroid/PED users in the UFC.   Why shouldn’t he?   When you’ve dedicated your life to a sport and trust that everyone is on non-performance enhancing drugs is almost laughable.

But no one is laughing.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that you just don’t know who’s really juicing until they turn up positive or go on a rant against the people who do.

Bisping took shots at Anderson Silva’s PED use in his last fight and hasn’t been shy on the subject.  Silva marks the 6th opponent that “The Count” will face that came up positive for banned substances.

Bisping didn’t need a reason to create a grudge-match with Anderson giving their history.   Could this bring Bisping a mental edge going into the fight after a barrage of ‘mental warfare’ is thrown Silva’s way before fight night?

Enjoy the video.

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