White: New UFC HQ Will Have Section for Fighters to Recover From Injuries

“We’re building a new headquarters— new UFC headquarters in Vegas. We break ground in June and it’ll be done the following June of ’16. In that, we’re building a huge facility for rehab and therapy. Normally, what we would do is we would just say, ‘Hey Conor! You blew your ACL out. We’re gonna send you to the best surgeon in the country and come back and let us know when you’re ready. No soccer team does that. No american football league does that. Now when they’re done with surgery, they’re going to be there in our facility with the best therapists recovering.”

Dana White and the UFC are getting ready to build a brand new UFC Headquarters which will have an area for fighters to recover while they partake in rehab for physical injuries. White is excited for this as he believes it will be an opportunity for the fighters to learn how to train safer.

Which fighter do you think will benefit most from this?

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