VIDEO | Sonnen: “Jon Jones, beat me, if you can”

I will come on stage, I will sell the tickets. I’m the highest paid fighter in the history of the UFC and I’m the biggest draw this industry has ever seen. So Jon, when I get done, grab your broom and sweep up afterwards.

You guys need to know one thing. On 4/27 at 7:00 PM, 10:00 in the East, not that the East coast matters, and only on PPV, by Chael Sonnen promotions in conjuction with Zuffa, LLC will bring to you the biggest fight of the year, the biggest lightheavyweight fight of all time. The young Jon Jones at last will have what every young fight dreams, a chance to go one on one, to actually share the people’s Octagon with Chael Sonnen.

And he will be remindered the hard way what you already know: When your the greatest fighter in the world today, gentlemen, they have a name for you. They don’t call you a great fighter, they call you Chael Sonnen.

Jon Jones, beat me, if you can.

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