Tate: ‘Bethe is in over her head, I’m the one to beat Ronda’

“I think everyone knows that if anyone is gonna beat Ronda, it’s going to be me.

“[Zingano was] So stupid. I wonder if they actually planned it or if she did it instinctually. I don’t know if that was what they thought was the best thing to start with, but I feel like a flying knee to the body is never a great way to start the fight, because you’re not gonna knock them out. The chance of you even hurting them with a flying knee is so inaccurate. You’re in the air.”

“Don’t do what Cat Zingano did. Don’t rush forward. I think you have to force Ronda into a different pace. She’s used to being able to dictate whatever pace, whether it’s faster or slower. So I think you have to push Ronda out of whatever pace she wants to be in. Push her into the second round, push her into the third round.

“She uses so much energy in that first round. I think she really slows a lot as the time goes. She’s used to going out there and putting 110 percent to finish the fight. If she can’t do that, it seems like she starts to fade.”

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