TAPOUT’s Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell: ‘For Us It Was Just About Being Genuine’ — EXCLUSIVE


Dan Caldwell aka Punkass, from the TAPOUT clothing brand, joined the fellas over at BJPENN.COM Radio this past Thursday. Caldwell talked about the brands ventures with the WWE, the new Reebok sponsorship deal with the UFC and the good ol’ days.

During the interview, Caldwell talked about what made the brand successful and why it remains such a large part of the MMA scene.

“I think people saw our genuiness. We were just always real. We never wanted to change, we always wanted to be the guys–we wanted to be the inspiration for the guys.”

“I know that some of the things we did for these guys always made them feel special, and that’s all we ever wanted.”

“For us it was just about being genuine. We just wanted to be real people with these guys, because that’s who we were, we were one of the guys.”

“All these guys that have a dream or an aspiration in life, if there’s anyway we could help the guys that’s what we’re trying to do.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630  

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