Report: Manny Pacquiao will return in 2016, then retire

All signs are pointing to Manny Pacquiao making his return to professional boxing in April of 2016 in what will be his last fight before he hangs up his gloves for good.

“Pac-Man” has not competed in a boxing ring since his record-breaking fight with Floyd Mayweather in May 2015’s “fight of the century”. The result didn’t play out exactly how Manny had hoped; Mayweather’s defensive style of fighting ultimately led to “Money’s” hands being raised in victory after twelve rounds of action. Rumors circulated whether or not a rematch would take place before Mayweather confirmed his retirement after his bout with Andre Berto in September.

Fans of boxing wondered what the next step for “Pac-Man” was. With the amount of money he gathered, he could easily transition into retirement quietly, or he could cash in and make one more run at another championship. ESPN is reporting that Bob Arum, Manny’s promoter, is saying that he will be making his return in April 2015 before retiring.

“I’m telling you what he told me last week at dinner in New York,” Arum told ESPN. “We talked very seriously, and he said, ‘Bob, hopefully, by the middle of May I will have been elected senator in the Philippines, and at that point I cannot engage in boxing because I need to focus on the senate and I have to be in attendance.”

Arum continued, “Manny told me this fight on April 9 will be his last fight.”

If Manny Pacquiao truly plans to hang up his gloves in 2016 and he only has one fight left, who would you like to see him go toe-to-toe with? Should Floyd Mayweather come out of retirement and cash in on another pay per view rematch, or should Pac-Man give someone like Canelo or “GGG” a chance? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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