Let’s Get it On! : Big John McCarthy on reffing Aldo v McGregor UFC 194 – Behind the scenes

The man with the best view in the house at UFC events Big John McCarthy wasn’t always reffing the biggest events in history.  He started a career in law enforcement back in the mid 80’s, Big John was with the LAPD for 8 years when McCarthy was awarded his Tactics & Self-Defense Instructor Certification by the LAPD, and taught for the department until his retirement in 2007.

So when McCarthy is going through the pre-fight rules in the locker room,  rest assure McCarthy knows how to give clear instructions and has a keen sense of the situation prior to the fight.

Big John breaks down the demeanor and vibe in the locker room with both Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor moments before the historic contest started.  Check out the third man in the octagons view before the scrap.

Enjoy the video.

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