Frank Mir Talks About This Weekend’s ‘Bigfoot’ Silva Fight

“I think Bigfoot has good counter right hand and a long reach. If you’re aggressive and take it to him, you can be successful. But if you let him off the hook, you’ll be unsuccessful.”

Mir on how he has dealt with his current four-fight losing streak: “I took some time off. It was an easy solution. Close friends and training partners tell me the four guys I fought are highly ranked and tough. But I took time off and addressed some things to be a better athlete and be at my full capability.”

Mir on his motivation now: “I have the same motivation as I did in the beginning. I want to compete. I love to fight. The lifestyle makes me who I am. The accomplishments that come with it are just a result of doing what I love to do. But I’m not doing it for records. It’s the lifestyle I’ve lived for last 14 years.”

Mir on if he wanted to fight in Brazil: “I just spent the summer hanging out in South America, and spent a week in Sao Paulo. I had a real warm welcome. So that gave me the notion I could fight there. If I wasn’t fighting a Brazilian, here in Brazil, I think I’d be the crowd favorite.”