Frank Mir: ‘I would crush Brock Lesnar Now’

Mir silva

“I think I would crush [Lesnar] standing up now. I think that on the ground and stuff, I’ve worked with [2X FILA World Champion] Ricky Lundell and stuff a lot and learned how to nullify the wrestling. I wrestled three rounds with Daniel Cormier who’s an Olympic level wrestler and he had a difficult time taking me down. I think that Lesnar would really have to throw caution to the wind and really rush through and I don’t think that he’s gotten any better at wanting to take punches.”

“I’ve always heard those rumors from his camp that he doesn’t like to get hit and we’ve seen it in the fights. The jab-hook combination that I landed on Bigfoot would have floored him too. And then ground and pound I threw on him, to Bigfoot, I think that the same thing that happened with [Lesnar] and Velasquez — when he finally hit his back, screaming for the fight to be stopped. I just don’t know that he’d have time to scream with me.”

Following his first-round stoppage over Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir discussed a trilogy Lesnar fight, with The Fight Corner.