Fighter from Washington Dies After Amateur MMA Event


A fighter who participated at an MMA event on Saturday in Abereeen, Washington’s Southshore Mall was hospitalized at the Harborview Medical Center with kidney failure after passing out backstage after his fight. He passed away in the hospital on Wednesday.

Promoter Scott Bean told KBKW-AM Radio the fighter had already finished his fight and was in the locker room. “I hear my sister from the backroom saying ‘he’s not breathing get Shihan’ and I don’t even know how I heard that. I was all the way in the front of the building. I ran back there, my sister; she’s a nurse for us that night, and I asked him if he was ok and I got no response. I checked for his pulse and I told her I had no pulse and she told me to start compressions and I did.”

The compressions had brought him back to life for a brief moment before being taken to the hospital. The fighter would die days later.

“He was exhausted. I’m the promoter, so the first thing I did was asked him was if he was OK, and he actually looked up at me and smiled and said ‘Yeah I’m just tired man.’”.

No personal information about the fighter is being released at this time, out of respect for friends and family.

Bean posted on social media that the cause of death was a pre-existing condition. While details have yet to be confirmed, it is worthy to note that Amateur MMA in Washington is STILL unregulated. This brings up many questions about what kind of screening was done and whether or not a doctor was present. The promoter’s sister-nurse was there, but it has yet to be confirmed that there was a doctor on-sight.

While there are several variables that could have caused the fighter’s kidney failure, it is important to know the dangers of weight cutting and regulation in MMA.

Source: MMA.TV

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