Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor: Is he worth the millions?


Lorenzo Fertitta is a entrepreneur that has a vision.  Back in 2001 Dana White called up his old childhood buddy about an investment deal and the rest is history.   Having the ability to visualize the “what if” scenarios and orchestrate the master plan according as planned is a feat not just for the organization, but for the fighters and fans around the world.

The prediction made by UFC chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, who said Tuesday night that he thought McGregor would be “our first $100 millionaire.”

Now I know they’ll be people griping and moaning how unfair it may seem for McGregor to earn so much.  Consider this,  the higher the top earners gets paid the higher the “pay curve” for other fighters will follow.


We all want to see MMA fighters get paid the same as pro boxers but “prize fighting” boxing around the world was established back in the 17th through 19th century meaning more fans of the sport.  MMA not so much.  It’s the fans that dictate the growth of the sport which ultimately results in the fighters pay.


The video is Conor “The Notorious” McGregor letting Jimmy Kimmel and the world know that he loves beating people up for money, good thing business is good.


Enjoy the video.

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