Faber sending TAM teammate to coach Dillashaw against Cruz

TJ Dillashaw

While Urijah Faber and TJ Dillashaw certainly aren’t on the best of terms following Dillashaw’s departure from Team Alpha Male, it’s extremely surprising that Faber is sending someone from Team Alpha Male to assist Dillashaw’s cornermen.

Justin Buchholz will be in Dillashaw’s corner along with Duane Ludwig and several coaches from the Elevation Fight Team. However the reason Faber is sending Buchholz is because he wants to ensure Dillashaw retains the belt, so he can take it from him.

He spoke to Fox Sports.

“I’m definitely rooting for TJ. You can’t erase the fact that he’s a product of our team. We’re actually sending out Justin Buchholz in his corner to help make sure the job gets done. If you look at it from a pure financial standpoint, that’s a fight people want to see and that’s the reality of things. He came from diapers to a world championship under our banner.

“We have an amazing system, a system built on tradition and TJ’s a product of that. So we’re proud of that. This will be the last time that we send someone out to his corner. Justin will be out there to hopefully calm the nerves of Duane Ludwig, who’s a nervous mess in the corner. That guy would probably pass out or crap himself is he’s not medicated properly in the corner. It’s got to be a little unnerving for TJ going in there with a new team, but hopefully he gets the job done and we can have a big fight. I’ll take the belt from one of my own.”

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