Chris Weidman Highlights 2015 Video: Once a champ always a champ

Chris Weidman came into UFC 194 as a undefeated champion with dreams and aspirations to retire an undefeated, sound familiar?   Weidman has all the tools, skills and inner belief in himself to achieve what he set out for that night.

Of all things a wheel kick from Weidman was the beginning and the end for the former champion.  With everything that went wrong that night for Weidman a lesson presented itself that night.

What if Chris Weidman created the right amount of distance and timed a perfect wheel kick?  We would all think he was brilliant for the finish.  Fact is it didn’t work that way for Weidman and the loss will test his will to overcome adversity regardless of the situation he’s now in.

Wins and losses don’t make make legends,  their guts and courage in defeat or victory does.


Enjoy the video.

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