BOXING BEAT: Pacquiao’s Promoter Shuts Down Mayweather Rematch Talk


On Thursday a report came out stating that Manny Pacquiao said he was in talks with Floyd Mayweather Jr. about doing a rematch.

Of course that spread like wildfire and had everyone wondering if the impossible could actually happen again and these two would step back in the ring together. However, a few things to note. First, the report, from Agence France Presse, or AFP, includes a quote from Pacquiao that in no way mentions Mayweather’s name. The writer did say in the article that Pacquiao confirmed he was in negotiations with both Mayweather and Amir Khan, but no quote. So, take that as yo will.

“I will fight anybody, anywhere. I am going to fight probably before the election. The election is coming next year, May, and before that I will probably have one fight.”

And now, we have Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, shutting the whole thing down and saying that he has no idea what that’s all about because he hasn’t had any talks with Mayweather and considers him retired for good.

Here’s what he told Yahoo sports:

“I have no idea what he’s talking about. He said it, not me. But I have had no talks with anyone about that. None. Zero. Not one. Mayweather is retired and I take him at his word. But second, you know there is no way that Mayweather is ever going to fight in the Gulf, even if he did decide to fight again, so it’s all [expletive].”

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