Askren To Jones: ‘Stop Being A Fake Douche’


“Jon’s just a person that not a lot of people like. I think lots of times he tries to act like this nice, humble guy but he’s really a douche and everyone knows that. Now it’s starting to come out and people are starting to realize it. He just needs to play him and stop faking who he is.”

“I don’t think it really has anything to say about the sport. It’s an individual’s poor choices that led him to do that. It doesn’t say everyone in MMA is doing cocaine. Len Bias dies and no one put that on the NBA. We’ve had a lot of other things happen in other sports so I don’t think that says anything about the sport of MMA. I think it says a lot about Jon Jones’ poor choices.”

“He’s been in the gym. He’s been a really hard worker. Very humble. It’s been a really good experience so far and I would expect that to continue.”

“Obviously I was critical in the beginning. When they signed him I said some critical things. I would say that was the UFC’s choice, a very interesting one at that, and you know what? After being around CM Punk, or Phil, for a while, I don’t think he has any illusions about how crazy it is that he’s going to fight the first fight ever in his life in the UFC, which is something a lot of people train a long time for.

“I think he understands the challenge he’s in for and he’s working hard to prepare the best he can.”