Aldo: punch would have ‘ripped McGregor’s head off’ if it landed clean

Conor McGregor KO

Jose Aldo may have been KOd in just 13 seconds at UFC 194 to lose the UFC featherweight championship, however he believes that if the punch he landed while he was on his way to sleep landed, he would have knocked McGregor out.

BloodyElbow has the transcription:

“I think it’s normal (that McGregor was respectful after the fight). Everybody expected that. Like I said, I don’t care, I think about myself and those who I represent. I couldn’t care less what he says or doesn’t say.”

“The fight was one punch only. My punch barely hit but cut him. Imagine if it connected completely, it would have ripped his head off, but he had the merit to connect a good punch and end the fight.”

So far there’s been no word yet on Aldo’s future plans inside the Octagon. Since the fight he has insisted that he will return to the Octagon, and has been campaigning for an immediate rematch with ‘Notorious’.

While a rematch between the pair at UFC 200 would certainly garner quite a bit of attention, Frankie Edgar is also trying to get a fight with ‘Notorious’ and even potentially take both the lightweight and featherweight belts depending on how UFC 197 goes.

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