With His Foot Out The Door, Jardine Discusses Health Risks Of Fighting | MMA NEWS

“A lot of people have been pushing me to retire, I’ve been a shell of myself these last couple years. I’ve been saying I’m definitely on the shelf, I’m semi-retired, I’m definitely on the shelf right now,”

“…my approach right now is I’m trying to get myself healthy. And then once I feel like I’m ready to go out and to perform at a level I want to and shock the world, I want to do it. I got to do it again. I don’t care if I win or lose, but I just want to go out there and perform and be Keith Jardine which I haven’t been in the last couple of years. When I dropped to middleweight it was a disaster, it was stupid. It made everything worse.”

“One thing with fighters though and I’m sure that is going to hold true with everybody, I was so stupid back then. I remember I fought Houston Alexander and I got caught in that fight. Well, I was back in the gym the exact following week helping Rashad train and I was just getting hit in the back of the head and I was like ‘whoa, this doesn’t feel quite right’. I knew I wasn’t quite right, but nobody was telling me not to. It was like ‘Hey look at Keith, he’s doing a good job, he’s the hardest worker in the gym. He’s in there training’. I was like no, someone needed to send me home.”

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Former UFC light-heavyweight fighter, Keith Jardine, talking to “The MMA Fight Corner”.

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