VIDEO | Vince Vaughn helps with Gracie Breakdown – First Ezekiel Choke in UFC History

By Russell Ess - January 17, 2017

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If you’re a fan of Vince Vaughn, you’re going to enjoy this Gracie Breakdown that much more.

The hilarious actor has got the jiu-jitsu bug after enrolling his daughter into the Gracie’s anti-bullying training classes. Vaughn has been training under the Gracies for a few months now, going and hitting the mats several times a week and is an advocate for the martial art.

vince vaughn rener ryron gracie

“Mainly for me it’s been just the philosophies that you take outside of here too,” Vaughn said in the Gracie Breakdown video. “Getting put in a move and not freaking out, not giving up, and sort of rolling with that, allowing that to happen, worst case scenarios, it’s just incredible. And, I think as a parent, specifically when you’re out there looking for something practical for kids that could work regardless of size and strength.”

Vaughn joins Rener and Ryron Gracie to run through the historical submission pulled off by Oleksiy Olinyk at UFC Fight Night 102 over the weekend. Olinyk holds a 51-10-1 record and has won 41 fights by submission. The heavyweight has won professional MMA fights nine times with his ezekiel choke submissions but this was the first time the move was pulled off successfully in the UFC.

Alexey Oleynik Ezekiel choke

From the video description:

Yesterday night, Oleksiy Olinyk pulled off the first Ezekiel Choke in UFC history, and he did it while his opponent was on top of him in full mount!!! Ryron and Rener are joined by their dedicated student, Vince Vaughn, to analyze the choke and all of its variations, as well as the proposed counters in case someone ever tries to surprise you from the bottom of the mount with this SNEAKY submission!

What did you think of Oleksiy Olinyk historic UFC submission? With new techniques that fighters bring to the game, this is exactly how the progression of MMA takes place as other fighters look to learn the effective technique and also need to learn how to defend it as well.

on 1/17/2017.

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