VIDEO | Rare footage of Bruce Lee’s teacher IP man days before his death – Master of Wing Chun

Bruce Lee is one of the most legendary martial artists the world has ever known. The martial arts icon was taught the art of Wing Chun in his early teen years by master Ip Man, also known as Yip Man.

Ip started Wing Chun at the age of seven and went on to teach the art to Lee, according to Mixed Martial Arts. Lee later took the spotlight on his own martial art’s style with his Hollywood fame but got his foundation for martial arts under Ip Man.

When Ip was diagnosed with throat cancer in his late years, he decided to record his technique on video to pass on the art to the next generations. The video above shows IP days before his death, according to Mixed Martial Arts.

The action-packed “Ip Man” movie starring Donnie Yen is based on the life of Ip and reinvigorated the interest in the art of Wing Chun.

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