VIDEO | Officer that arrested Jon Jones hit with a lawsuit after ruining an epileptic man’s life

By Russell Ess - April 1, 2016

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones spent three days in jail this week from the result of traffic citations that Jones claims were given to him by a lying Albuquerque police officer.

It looks like that same officer, Jason Brown has just been hit with a lawsuit, according to KOB 4.

Gary Martinez, an epileptic man who was arrested by Brown last year for DWI filed the lawsuit.

Martinez was arrested on suspicion of DWI by Brown, shortly after having a seizure in his car.

Martinez’s attorney Ed Chavez says that the arrest ruined his client’s life and lost everything due to the wrongful arrest. “Lost his job, lost his apartment, lost his motor vehicle and literally came out of jail with just the clothes on his back,” says Chavez.

Similar to Jones, who spent the three days in jail for violating his probation after receiving a ticket for allegedly drag racing, Martinez was on parole for a previous crime. However, Martinez’s case went on for two months before finally being dismissed in court, in which Martinez spent those two months locked behind bars.

KOB 4 states that “Martinez and his lawyer believe his constitutional rights were violated and that it was negligent to arrest him for DWI with virtually no evidence.”

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