VIDEO | Luis Gomez Became Titan Featherweight Champ by Brutal Face-Slamming KO

Luis Gomez

If you like chocolate ice cream, it’s easy to just stick to that. However, there is an entire culinary world of amazing combinations and delectable new flavors out there just waiting to surprise you if you’re willing to branch out. MMA fighting isn’t any different. For example, if you just watch the UFC and maybe a Bellator card here and there, you’ll miss awesome stuff like what happened last night at Titan FC 47. Luis Gomez grabbed Sodiq Yusuff’s arm and flung him to the mat, following up with vicious ground and pound to win the vacant featherweight championship.

Call it an arm drag, call it a facebuster, sticklers and Judo practitioners will call it a drop seoi nage. Normally, the opponent would be tossed onto their shoulders or on their back, but here Luis Gomez dropped down and rocketed Yusuff’s unexpecting head into the canvas. If the initial slam doesn’t put you out, the quick back take followed by punches definitely will. 

If it was just this knockout by itself, it’d still be impressive. However, this isn’t even the first time Luis Gomez has pulled this off. Back in Janurary, Gomez did the exact same thing to Martin Georges at Fight Time 34 earning himself the Finish of the Night. Aside from his one loss at Dana White’s Contender Series 3, Luis Gomez has won six fights and finished four of those opponents. We may have to wait until we can see him try this in the UFC, but keep your eye on the regional scene for more.  

This article first appeared on on 12/16/2017.

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