VIDEO | Jean-Claude Van Damme says UFC fighter’s kicks still need heavy improvement

Jean-Claude Van Damme has been getting in the mix with a few UFC fighters recently. The famous actor who has starred in action packed combat movies has been has been a long time fan of mixed martial arts.

Nick and Nate Diaz have been huge fans of Van Damme growing up and they recently became friends with their childhood idol and got a bit of training in together as well.

Van Damme was stopped by TMZ recently to talk about mixed martial arts and where things are going with the sport.

“I want to teach people how to have power and flexibility and dexterity with the legs,” Van Damme told TMZ (transcribed by FOX Sports). “Right now, it’s a mess. They are missing, they are out of balance. Thank god they have good jiu-jitsu. And some guys have good eyes to kick in the right position when the guy is off balance, but to lift your leg, and arm your leg like a fist … you think people are good fighter right now in the UFC, wait five years. Wait five years when the (kicks) are coming in. When people have (kicks) like in the old times, like Bill Wallace — google Bill Wallace. Those guys were amazing, but it took years.”

The 55-year-old star shows that he still has great balance and dexterity.

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