VIDEO | Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard stops armed criminal and body slams him on pavement

By Russell Ess - December 14, 2016

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Former WWE superstar Shad Gaspard brought some of his body slamming days back into his life when he stopped an alleged criminal in a gas station convenience store recently.

TMZ released footage of the massive actor and trained fighter taking a gun away from a man in a gas station convenience store and then shoves him outside and body slams him on the pavement.

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“So, I’m by the coolers looking at the drinks and a guy comes from the back and he goes, ‘Yo, buy me a beer,'” Gaspard explained to TMZ. “I go, ‘Yo, my man. That’s kind of disrespectful. There’s a better way to come at it. You come at me correct and I’ll buy you something to drink, I got no problems with you man.’

“Then he goes, ‘What the f**k you say to me? Huh?'”

“He goes and lifts his shirt up and he grabs a gun and so he pulls the gun out and he’s like, ‘What you wanna do man?'”

“My instinct is if I see danger, I don’t try to go away. I don’t want to get shot in the back so I go towards him.”

Gaspard says that his first concern was that no one else gets hurt as the criminal told him he was going to rob the store. The former WWE star snatched the gun away from the man when the right opportunity presented itself and then shoved the gun-wielding man outside. Gaspard body slammed the robber to the ground and searched him for any more weapons.

To his relief, Gaspard says that he was squeezing the gun so tight in his hands that he broke the handle and saw that it was actually an airsoft gun but still had the police called to take the matters into their hands.

Despite the gun ending up being fake, no one including Gaspard knew and put himself in what could have been a deadly situation. The former WWE wrestler should be recognized for his heroic actions to keep the innocent victims around from getting hurt.

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