VIDEO | Here are the dumbest questions people ask when finding out someone is an MMA fighter

By Russell Ess - March 11, 2016

Mixed martial arts is still a growing sport that many people are not exactly familiar with. While stars such as Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor have recently brought in new demographics to the sport, many general fans of “UFC” still do not possess a wealth of knowledge about MMA.

Check out this entertaining video with a few familiar faces in the world of mixed martial arts as they share some of the most silly and repetitive questions that they get asked.

“You don’t do MMA, you do UFC?”

“Can I come train with you?”

“Are you going to the NBA?”

UFC veteran Jake Ellenberger said, “People think that there is something wrong with you. ’cause you’re a fighter. Like, your parents don’t love you, like there is this deep insecure issue of why you are a fighter. And, it’s like, ‘no, I’m competitive and I like to fight.’ And, it’s hard for some people to kind of conceptualize that.”

See what these fighters say are the questions they hate getting asked, so that you are not “that guy.”

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