VIDEO | Dana White Recaps Friday’s UFC 207 Event

By Chris Taylor - January 1, 2017

Dana White interview

UFC president Dana White joined the UFC on FOX crew to recap Friday’s UFC 207 pay-per-view event in Las Vegas.

Here is what Mr. White had to say:

“Obviously the co-main event was amazing. It was an incredible fight. Garbrandt looked better than he has ever looked in his career. Dominick Cruz is great. Dominick Cruz is amazing, and Cody Garbrandt made it look easy in there tonight. And he (Cody) was the complete opposite of what everyone thought he was going to be. Everybody thought the he was this hot head, angry guy who was just going to run in and look for the knockout punch. It couldn’t have been more opposite. He looked incredible tonight I don’t know what else to say.”

He continued:

“Obviously the big shocker of the night Ronda Rousey getting finished in 45-seconds or whatever it was. Yea it was crazy. When I walked out of the arena people were crying tonight. So the first time ever in the history of T-Mobile Arena we broke the attendance record in here tonight. They had to open up standing room only. Over 20,000 people here tonight, the largest fight crowd ever in Las Vegas.”

Dana White went on to shed some light on how Ronda was doing following the dramatic loss.

“I’ve been with her this whole time. You know obviously you know she is so competitive. So she is devastated. But, she is a lot better than she was after the loss to Holly Holm. She is backstage and obviously she is upset but she has a lot of support with her. I think it will be a lot better than the Holly fight.”

As for Amanda Nunes, the UFC President had this to say:

“Yea, you know everybody was chirping about the way we promoted the fight, that it was all Ronda Rousey based. Listen I could have spent $100 million on advertising and still nobody would have known who Amanda Nunes was. But after tonight, everybody in the world knows who Amanda Nunes is.”


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