VIDEO | Conor McGregor using interesting training method for accuracy

As Conor McGregor stated following his 13 second KO win over Jose Aldo, “precision beats power, and timing beats speed.” Now, ahead of McGregor’s August 26th fight against Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor has once again enlisted the help of movement coach Ido Portal to help him prepare for the puzzle that is Floyd Mayweather.

Ahead of the fight, Portal, has come up with a rather interesting drill to help McGregor work on his precision, and reacting to very unpredictable movements, as he can be seen throwing playing cards at McGregor, who attempts to strike them out of the air. To make the drill even harder, McGregor attempts to strike at the cards without gloves on, making it even harder for the Irishman.

Conor McGregor

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Portal has drawn a bit of criticism for his role in McGregor’s training camps, with Nate Diaz referring to Portal’s training with McGregor as “touch butt in the park” following a compilation video of SBG Ireland fighters participating in Portal’s movement training making its rounds on the internet.

The training adds fuel to the debate of how the fight between Mayweather and McGregor will play out, with many wondering if McGregor will be able to put Mayweather to sleep with a hard left hand early on in the fight. McGregor’s accuracy training with Portal is certainly an interesting one, however while unorthodox, some have come to McGregor’s defense saying that the unusual training method is indeed a productive way of aiding McGregor in hitting a man many believe to be nearly untouchable.

Mayweather’s defense is so spectacular that Max Kellerman has gone as far as to predict that McGregor won’t be able to land a single punch on the undefeated prizefighter. Brendan Schaub was quick to call Kellerman’s bluff, calling for a $100,000 bet on whether or not McGregor would be able to hit Mayweather and even win a round.

This article first appeared on on 6/21/2017.

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