VIDEO | Conor McGregor on striking Nate Diaz during their face-off: ‘His wrist will never be the same’

By Russell Ess - March 4, 2016

The aftermath of the UFC 196 press conference held nearly as much excitement as the climax of the presser for fans of UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and UFC veteran Nate Diaz.

The two opponents set to face each other in the main event of UFC 196 on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada appeared in a split-screen interview on FOX Sports 1’s “FSLive: Jay and Dan” after their scuffle where McGregor threw a strike at Diaz during their face-off.

“The man was afraid to look me dead in the eye,” said McGregor (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “So he put a frame out in front of him and I quickly snatched it and broke his wrist.”

Diaz replied to McGregor with a flurry of curse words denying that the actions of McGregor had any effect on him physically.

“Yeah, you got a scared little [expletive] shot on the hand and [expletive],” Diaz said.

“The medics are in with him now,” McGregor quipped. “His wrist will never be the same. Like his bum knee, like his bum leg.”

The two go on to argue back and forth while Jay and Dan try their best to not burst into laughter at some of the verbal jabs the two opponents threw at each other that surely gave most people a chuckle.

Regarding his “Mystic Mac” prediction for this fight, McGregor said, “If he’s still conscious when he hits the mat I will crush his hips and pass his guard and mount him and strangle him.”

Diaz scoffed at the predition and replied, “You got choked out by two nobodies. You were submitted by lames not even that long ago, it was like a week ago.”

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