VIDEO | 68-year-old MMA fighting grandmother looks to prove age is just a number

By Russell Ess - March 25, 2016

This is definitely not something you see on your typical MMA card.

68-year-old Ann Perez de Tejada made her MMA debut in February and has not let the TKO loss against 24-year-old Laura Dettman derail her from future competition (video of their fight above).

According to Fox News Latino, Perez is a fourth-degree black belt in karate and has been training Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and kickboxing for over ten years. The Colorado resident spoke with Fox New Latino about what drives her to compete at her age.

“What matters is what you can do,” Perez told FNL. “If you can move like a young person or have the skills, then age doesn’t matter. There are people in their 30s sitting on the couch who say ‘I can’t play soccer because I am getting old.’ They say it like they take pride in it, but it’s a bad thing. If you think you are getting old, then you will.”

According to FNL, Perez holds the record as the oldest woman to compete in MMA and is making her way to the overall record held by Canada’s John Williams who was 70-years-old when he entered a mixed martial arts fight back in 2010.

Regarding the outcome of her fight with Dettman, Perez shrugged off the loss as she says she’ll be back to compete again.

“I had one cut about an inch long,” she said. “I didn’t get rocked [with a concussion] or nothing. I had a couple of bruises and a cut. I get more than that in practice.”

“I do it because I love it,” Perez said. “I can’t stay away.”

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