Fallen Queen “Rowdy” Rousey Video Recap: The Aftermath

By bjpenndotcom - December 8, 2015



First, is was with Ring Magazine, now it’s ESPN.   Technology is all to blame.   In the world of bluetooth touchscreen 80″ TV’s, Nike self-lacing Air Mags, Water Jet Packs  and underwater extravagant hotels, marketing sometimes gets ahead of themselves before the product.

We just need everything fast, instant and efficient like our “technological life.”  Predicting that Anthony Pettis losing his belt after seeing him on my Wheaties box gives you the shocking reality.  Things can happen happen in a head kick flash.

But, even the best gadgets and electronics have a “Good Till Date.”  A Timex takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ for years, and on the other hand,  the newest, fastest iPhone is lasting maybe a year.

I’d rather be a Timex.

Enjoy the video.

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