First look at UFC’s updated anti-doping policy

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Since partnering with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the number of fighters who have been suspended for violating the USADA/UFC anti-doping policy has skyrocketed. With that being said, subsequently, the number of fighters using PEDs has dropped drastically.

Now, going into April, the UFC has released its updated anti-doping policy under their USADA partnership, which includes updates to how long a fighter must be in the USADA testing pool before being ‘eligible’ to fight, as well as updates to the procedure when a fighter wants to come out of retirement to fight.

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In regards to both situations, the new policy states:

“Athletes who are new to the uFC testing pool must be in the pool for at least one month before competing in a bout. The one-month rule is also in place for athletes who’ve previously been in the pool, but their contract was terminated or wasn’t renewed at the choice of the UFC.

The one-month notice requirement will be waived if an athlete is replacing someone on an upcoming card before of injuries or other reasons.

For athletes who have chosen to remove themselves from the UFC testing pool through retirement, hiatus, or a non-renewal of their contract, they are required to be int he testing pool for 6 months before they can compete.”

In regards to an atlete returning to the UFC after coming out of retirement, the new policy is as follows:

“Athletes must tell the UFC, in writing, that they want to start competing again. After notifying the UFC, they need to be available for testing for at least 6 months before returning to competition.

UFC may waive the 6-month written notice rule in exceptional circumstances, or if they decide that the application of the rule would be unfair to an athlete.”

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You can read all of the new policies on, by clicking THIS LINK.

This article first appeared on on 3/31/2017.

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