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Video | Israel Adesanya reacts to Chris Weidman’s horrible leg break at UFC 261

Israel Adesanya had a similar reaction to many others when Chris Weidman broke his leg at UFC 261.

On the main card of the stacked pay-per-view, Weidman and Uriah Hall were having a rematch over 10 years in the making. It was a crucial fight for both men, but unfortunately, on the first strike of the fight, Weidman threw a leg kick that was checked and his leg completely snapped.

Immediately, Weidman went down in pain and he was stretched off and the fight was over. It was a horrific injury and middleweight champ, Israel Adesanya, could barely watch.


There is no question Adesanya was not the only person who reacted like that. It was a horrific injury and seeing Weidman’s leg go like that caused many to turn away.

Although Chris Weidman did suffer the injury and had surgery, the good news is, he will be back in 6-to-12 months. He also revealed the extent of the injury.

“Honestly, as soon as it happened and I hit the floor and I seen my leg and the pain was starting to hit me, I was just trying to put my mind on something positive that’s going to come out of this,” Weidman said in a video posted to Instagram. “I’m hopeful that something that’s going to come out of this is good. Man, this is not fun, I can’t believe it happened. I just appreciate all my family, my friends, and my fans for sending me prayers and well wishes. It means so much.

“Like I said, I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to get back to people yet with their text messages. I just can’t be on the phone too long with the pain and stuff,” Weidman continued. “Surgery was successful, they put a titanium rod through the tibia, so through the knee, they put the rod in. They drilled in through the tibia and made it straight and hard. My fibula is broke as well, but I guess when they put the tibia back together, the fibula kind of matched up back to where the tibia was broken, and they feel like that could heal on its own as long as I don’t put weight on it and stuff.”

The hope for many is Chris Weidman has a full recovery and can fight again.

What do you make of Israel Adesanya’s reaction to Chris Weidman’s leg break?

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