VIDEO | Ben Askren believes ‘dumb’ Colby Covington is ‘losing his gimmick’

“Yo, I know I just made a picture post about this, but I was laughing,” Ben Askren said in a video on Instagram. “I was laughing to myself and I had to share this with you.

“Colby [Covington] is so dumb. Go back and see my previous post and see that he said that no commission would sanction me fighting him. And I was thinking about how stupid he has to be to believe that there’s actually someone else that stupid to believe his lie.

“I mean, can you imagine?” Askren continued. “If you take Colby’s IQ and cut it in half, we’re in the single digits. That is how stupid he must think some fans are. Because I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever met in my entire lifetime…that has such a low IQ that they would actually believe what he is saying.

“Colby, you’re losing your gimmick. Please tell us something that’s slightly believable…and maybe go back to school so your IQ goes up at least a couple points.”

At UFC 235 on March 2, the undefeated 18-0 former welterweight king of Bellator and ONE Championship ‘Funky’ Ben Askren will finally make his promotional debut.

His opponent will be the former UFC champion, ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler…not Colby Covington.

But if you didn’t know that, just following the two on social media one might think that Askren and Covington were matched up and for obvious reason. The two have been rather vocal about how they feel about one another which makes a potential fight down the line very exciting.

In Askren’s recent video callout, he referenced the post he made prior to the video which can be seen below.

“Hey low IQ @colbycovmma please make your next lie at least slightly believable!🙄” Askren’s post read.

Obviously, the idea behind Covington’s statements was clear but that didn’t stop Askren from breaking it down.

With the top of the division in somewhat of a scramble right now, it remains to be determined as to whether or not Covington will get his expected title shot against the current champion Tyron Woodley.

This article first appeared on on 12/18/2018

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