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UFC London Results: Marc Diakiese defeats Joseph Duffy (Highlights)

An exciting lightweight bout between Marc Diakiese and Joseph Duffy took place on the prelims of today’s UFC London event.

Round one begins and Diakiese leaps in with an overhand right and then a low kick. Duffy returns fire with a body kick. Diakiese shrugs it off and throws a high kick. Duffy circles and the lunges in with a right hand. Diakiese replies with a front kick. Duffy ducks under a punch and scores a double leg takedown. Marc scrambles to get his back up against the cage. He eventually uses the position to get back to his feet. The fighters clinch briefly and then Diakiese breaks free. Duffy with a low kick now. Diakiese leaps in with a combination but Joseph counters nicely with a hook. Duffy with pressure now. Diakiese circles along the fence. Marc with a heavy low kick that sends Duffy to the canvas. The Irishman pops right back up to his feet but his leg is busted up. Diakiese attempts a wheel kick that misses. He switches stances and then steps in with a combination. A hard left elbow floors Duffy. Diakiese does not pounce but instead waves Duffy to return to his feet. Joseph gets up and snaps off a nice combination. He throws a back elbow. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of this UFC London prelim fight begins and Diakiese comes out with immediate pressure. He throws a wheel kick that lands and Duffy is on his bike. Diakiese with a hard body kick followed by a hook. The fighters clinch and Diakiese transitions to Duffy’s back and drags him down. Marc is trying to posture up but Duffy won’t allow it. The referee quickly steps in and tells them to stand back up. Diakiese with a pair of hard low kicks. Duffy responds with some good hooks and then misses with a big uppercut attempt. Duffy forces Marc against the cage. Diakiese breaks free and circles out. He looks for an elbow and then a high kick. Duffy avoids and pushes forward. Diakiese grabs a body lock and drags Duffy back to the floor. Joseph immediately begins to work his way back to his feet. He eats a pair of knees to the body for his efforts but he is back up. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Diakiese throws a high kick followed by a spinning back kick. Duffy avoids and leaps in with a knee. Diakiese circles and appears to be looking for a homerun. He throws a high kick and then pushes Duffy against the cage. A nice hook lands for Diakiese. Duffy circles away. He leaps back into the pocket with a combination but Diakiese counters nicely with a hook. Marc scores another takedown. Duffy immediately scrambles back up to his feet. The fighters battle in the clinch along the cage. Duffy tries to pull guard. Diakiese winds up in half guard and begins dropping shots. Duffy looks for a leg but Diakiese just pounds on him until the horn sounds to end round three.

Official UFC London Result: Marc Diakiese def. Joseph Duffy via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

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