Sean Strickland reveals Belal Muhammad feud began over near-fight at UFC PI: “I’d fight that man to the death right now”

By Josh Evanoff - April 11, 2023

UFC contenders Sean Strickland and Belal Muhammad don’t appear fond of each other.

Over the weekend, ‘Remember the Name’ attended UFC 287 in Miami. There, he attended the post-fight press conference where he discussed a possible return. In the presser, Muhammad stated that his next two ideal matchups were Khamzat Chimaev and Sean Strickland.

The Chicago native stated those were ideal if he couldn’t get a title shot at welterweight. Despite that added clarification, it seems that ‘Tarzan’ is more than willing to fight Muhammad in the cage right now. Or, the two could fight outside the cage, it seems that Strickland would be down for both.

The two recently had a back-and-forth on Twitter, where they gave differing views of their feud. For his part, Sean Strickland stated that Belal Muhammad was afraid to fight him at the UFC PI when the two crossed paths. Chris Curtis, who trains with the middleweight, also gave his own side of the story.

Nonetheless, Muhammad hit back at Strickland, stating that his version of events is imaginary. Furthermore, the welterweight contender responded to fans and seemed to hint the UFC offered the two the fight. According to Muhammad, Strickland wasn’t interested.

Sean Strickland and Belal Muhammad’s back-and-forth


“I hate” ask his boys to post what happen at the pi. You got the video Me “Yo @bullyb170 you ran you’re mouth, I’m in the cage if you want to man up and handle this I’m here” Him quiet looking around for helped as he walked away. Had your chance and you were a pussy about it”

“man u really are lost in ur own imagination”

“There’s a reason he’s not taking the fight”

“@Actionman513 was there.. Did I not look at him and say here I am time to man up and handle this and he just stayed quiet and walked away like a little bitch?! Yes or no?!?! Curt actually saved this man’s life when he pleaded with him that it was a bad idea…”


“Lol, God damn it. Look, they did beef at the PI, and I literally prevented it from escalating because it was a super stupid fight. Sean has a special love for pissing Belal, and it just wasn’t necessary. You both dropped it. Lol, you guys gotta chill, man.”

“No we did not beef at the pi… He had his chance not to be a little bitch and he chose to be a little bitch and he will continue to be a little bitch. I’d fight that man to the death right now if he was here and accepted. Which he wouldn’t because he’s a little bitch.”

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