Sean O’Malley accuses Pedro Munhoz of robbing him of a highlight reel KO: “That wasn’t a f**king poke in the eye”

Sean O'Malley, Pedro Munhoz, UFC 276

Sean O’Malley has gone after Pedro Munhoz following the controversial finish to their fight at UFC 276 last weekend.

In what turned out to be a bit of a bantamweight grudge match in Las Vegas, Sean O’Malley and Pedro Munhoz fought to a disappointing no contest at the T-Mobile Arena. The bout came to an end in the second round with Munhoz claiming he couldn’t see off the back of an eye poke from O’Malley.

Now, ‘Suga’ has provided his own response to the incident, and he didn’t have many nice things to say about his opponent.

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“First of all, Pedro says I poked him in the eye… which I didn’t,” O’Malley said. “Maybe a little bit, but his eye was closed to be fair. The thing he posted about the eye being scratched or whatever, I had multiple people hit me up saying you can get that from the wind blowing dirt in your eye. You can get that same injury [corneal abrasion].

“Then he said I poked him twice. So he thought the first one, when I punched him in the eye [in the first round] was a poke. That’s the one that swole his left eye shut. That’s the one that really hurt him, when I punched him in the eye. My knuckle is still sore from that punch. Boom, right in the eye socket.

Right after I punched him in the eye, I threw a teep kick, landed on the belt line. I’ve kicked people in the nuts before, I feel the cup. I did not hit him in the nuts. That was a fake foul. I hit him in the gut. Instantly, he didn’t hold his nuts, he held his eye. He was taking that low body shot, take time for his eye that I punched. That was a fake nut shot… if it hit him in the nuts, he would’ve held his nuts it would’ve hurt him more. He would’ve reacted differently to that shot.”

Quotes via MiddleEasy

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What did you make of the Sean O’Malley vs Pedro Munhoz controversy?

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