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Rashad Evans believes Conor McGregor is “one of the best to do it” after seeing Khabib beat Gaethje

Rashad Evans has nothing but praise for Conor McGregor after seeing Khabib Nurmagomedov beat Justin Gaethje the way he did at UFC 254.

In the lead up to the fight, many pundits had said Gaethje would be Nurmagomedov’s toughest test. However, that proved not to be true, and as Javier Mendez told BJPENN.com, the toughest test still seems to be McGregor.

So, for Rashad Evans, he is certain McGregor is one of the best ever for how well he did against Nurmagomedov after seeing what the champ did to Dustin Poirier and Gaethje.

“What Conor McGregor showed me after seeing what Khabib did to Justin Gaethje, he showed me he is one of the best to do it,” Rashad Evans said on Morning Kombat. “That is what he showed me. I don’t like giving Conor props because you know Conor can be crazy sometimes. But, you have to give props where props are due. What Conor showed in that fight with Khabib in hindsight based off what Khabib has done to everyone else, is that he shows he is definitely one of the best guys to do it in the weight class.

“To be able to see what Khabib did to Justin Gaethje, a guy who wrestled his whole life and make short work out of him on the grappling aspect and to see Conor McGregor get taken down multiple times. But, not only got taken down, (he) got up, he made it hard for Khabib to hold him down. That is something that people don’t do with Khabib,” Evans continued. “Once you get taken down once, it is a wrap. Even if you do get back up to your feet you are a different fighter when you get back up to your feet. That wasn’t the case with Conor. He kept getting back up and even won a round after he been taken down multiple times. That should show a lot of people how good Conor McGregor truly is.”

Conor McGregor is no doubt a special talent as he is the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion. But, this is no doubt significant praise from Rashad Evans after many thought McGregor was dominated by Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Do you agree with Rashad Evans?

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