Michael Bisping trashes Dillon Danis following boxing callout: “You cannot fight… utter fool”

Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor

UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping trashed Bellator fighter Dillon Danis following his boxing callout, saying “You cannot fight… utter fool.”

Danis took to his social media on Thursday to reveal that an offer has been made to Bisping for a boxing match. However, “The Count” fired back shortly after, insisting that there is no deal in place and explaining why he has no interest in fighting the “fool” Danis.


a huge offer has been made to @bisping to box me let’s see if he mans up and takes it

You cannot box, you cannot fight, you cannot sell tickets, you cannot generate revenue for huge offers. Grow up and stop trying to troll people you utter fool.

Bisping is 42 years old now and he hasn’t fought in several years since retiring in 2018. He has mentioned in the past that he was offered the chance to fight Jake Paul in boxing, but he declined that matchup. Danis, however, is adamant that there is a deal in place to fight Bisping. Bellator’s Danis has not fought in MMA since June 2019. He won both of his MMA fights for Bellator in 2018 and 2019, but he has since then just seemingly disappeared from the world of mixed martial arts, though he has maintained a strong social media profile.

Considering Danis is just 27 years old and has only two fights to his name, you can see why Bisping doesn’t appear to be interested in a boxing match against him. It’s possible, however, if the right opportunity was presented to Bisping that we could see him step back into the cage or the ring one day, just as a lot of other legends of the sport are eventually lured back. But as far as a boxing match with Danis goes, it doesn’t appear to be in play.

Do you want to see Michael Bisping and Dillon Danis fight in a boxing match?

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