Justin Wren rips Conor McGregor for not following through on donation to Dustin Poirier’s charity

Photo via Fight For The Forgotten

Former UFC and Bellator heavyweight Justin Wren ripped Conor McGregor for not following through on his donation to Dustin Poirier’s charity.

Wren competed in MMA between 2006 and 2017 with one appearance in the UFC and three outings in Bellator. However, he did not compete at all between 2010 and 2015, as during that time Wren founded the “Fight For The Forgotten” where he traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to help the Mbuti pygmy people build shelter and get fresh water. Wren’s charity work has been praised throughout the MMA community and he even co-wrote a book with MMA journalist Loretta Hunt titled “The Fight For The Forgotten: How a Mixed Martial Artist Stopped Fighting for Himself and Started Fighting for Others” in 2015.

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about charity in the MMA community it’s Wren, so when he heard that Conor McGregor wasn’t giving Dustin Poirier’s charity “The Good Fight Foundation” the money that he promised he would send, Wren had no choice but to speak up. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Wren ripped McGregor for suggesting that Poirier wasn’t going to do good things with the money and accused the UFC superstar of cheating lesser-off people of his promised donation.

“I honestly think it’s incredibly unfounded claims because if he wanted to do some digging he could easily do that. He could check with other organizations they support and see Dustin’s completely followed through and more. He didn’t respond. I talked to Dustin and Jolie. He didn’t respond to any of them reaching out to his team at all,” Wren said.

“I think (Dustin) thinks it’s a cheap shot, it’s a low blow, and also I think this has really changed Dustin’s opinion on who Conor is as a good person. He said he’s not a good guy and that’s putting it lightly. Conor didn’t rob Dustin of anything. What he did was he cheated from the people (Dustin Poirier) would have helped. Whether that’s the pygmy people or the kids in Layfayette, Louisiana. Dustin doesn’t take a percentage. He gives that all away. If anything, he’s a mechanism or tool or funnel who just takes it and puts it towards great causes that he believes in.

“Just look at the reputation. Dustin is an honorable man of good character who is a family man who literally has done everything he’s said he’s going to do and more. And the other guy hasn’t followed through on a lot of the things that he’s said. I think this really calls into question Conor’s reputation more than it’s already been. I think one thing that he did that was in Dustin’s favor, there are more people donating now because of what Conor said,” Wren said.

“I’d say (to McGregor), look deep into your heart, brother, and see if this is the right thing to do or not. Because I don’t think it will sit well. I think that he needs to take a real look internally because is this just an excuse? It sounds like one. It is one. Or he’s being delusional that Dustin’s not doing the right stuff with the money. Have your team look into it or you look into it Conor. Don’t just have an excuse. You didn’t reach back out to Dustin or his wife Jolie, who is an incredible person, or his foundation. Give them the opportunity to show you they’re going to do the right thing with the funds,” Justin Wren said.

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