Ben Askren says he’ll call for “another stupid celebrity boxing match” after he beats Jake Paul: “I might do two or three more”

Ben Askren, Conor McGregor, Nick Diaz
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Ben Askren won’t be retiring from boxing after Saturday night if he beats Jake Paul.

On April 17, Askren is set for his first professional boxing fight as he is set to face brash YouTuber, Jake Paul. It’s a highly-anticipated fight that has the combat sports world talking about it as “Funky” is far from a boxer.

Although Askren was known for his grappling, he says he has been enjoying boxing and says after he beats Paul, he will call for another “stupid” boxing fight.

“When I retired from fighting, I said I never wanted to make a career out of fighting again. But, it’s like, I needed a reason to train anyway,” Askren said on Just Scrap Radio on “I had my hip surgery on September 1, December 1 rolled around and it’s like I can finally start working out. I was really heavy, I was like 216, I needed to lose some weight, I’m fat as shit.

“For me, I can’t lose weight for no reason, so I needed a reason. It’s been fun for me and with boxing, I’m learning something new which is fun,” Askren continued. “I’m not going to do three boxing matches a year or anything. But, if I call out some other dope, YouTuber and will fight him next year, yeah. I’m not going to 20 of them but I might do two or three more.”

One possible opponent Ben Askren may call out is Jake’s older brother in Logan. However, Askren says he didn’t realize Logan was 0-1 as a pro, as he lost to KSI after they fought to a draw as amateurs.

“I said this the other day and someone told me he’s 0-2 at boxing, I said no I didn’t know, I had no idea,” Askren said. “I just figured he would’ve been 2-0 because he would’ve picked some sucky guy as his brother did. Apparently, he’s 0-2.”

However, before Ben Askren might get the chance to fight Logan Paul, the YouTuber is reportedly set to fight Floyd Mayweather later this year. Yet, for Funky, he doesn’t understand why that fight is even happening.

“I don’t foresee that happening. It was supposed to happen in February then they pushed it back,” Askren said. “He can’t beat a f*****g YouTuber, how is he going to beat Floyd Mayweather the greatest of all-time? If someone said this is Logan Paul and Floyd has to have one hand tied to his side, that might actually be interesting. That might be interesting to watch. If it’s Floyd vs. Logan Paul why is this moderately interesting.”

Regardless, Ben Askren is focusing on his fight against Jake Paul. If he wins, he may use his mic time to call for another boxing fight.

Would you like to see Ben Askren get in another celebrity boxing fight if he beats Ben Askren?

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