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Jon Jones proclaims he has ‘nothing to prove’ against Daniel Cormier

One of the most compelling UFC matchups available at present is a rematch between reigning UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and reigning UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

The pair have a long and turbulent history, having fought twice previously. Jones won their first fight via unanimous decision. The second time around, he was able to knock Daniel Cormier out, though this victory was overturned when he failed a pre-fight drug test.

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Combine the drama surrounding their first two fights with their ongoing war of words, and there is really no denying that a rematch between them is one of the biggest fights the UFC could possibly make in the year 2019.

Regrettably, there is one major barrier denying its fruition: Jon Jones isn’t enthusiastic about moving up to the heavyweight division, and Daniel Cormier isn’t especially keen on returning to the light heavyweight division.

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Speaking to the LA Times in a new interview, Jon Jones reiterated that, in order to move up to the heavyweight division to rematch Daniel Cormier, the UFC will have to make it well worth his while financially. Despite his second fight with Cormier being ruled a no-contest, he is adamant he’s 2-0 over his rival, and that he has nothing left to prove by fighting him again.

“If the fans want to see it [at heavyweight] bad enough, the UFC will make it happen for me financially,” Jones said. “If they don’t, it will always be something that’s coulda-shoulda-woulda. Sending me against one of the best fighters ever, and making me sacrifice being smaller than him, they have to make it make sense financially.

“Because, at 2-0 against him, I have nothing to prove. The pressure’s on Daniel. I’m the GOAT of this generation. He knows it. And the fans know that.”

Whatever the case, with Cormier still plotting his retirement, the clock definitely seems to be ticking on this rematch. If the UFC wants to make it happen — no matter the weight class — they’ll likely need to do so soon. Of course, much of the matchup’s merit would be stomped out if Jones is defeated by the massive underdog Anthony Smith in the main event of UFC 235 this weekend.

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Do you think we’ll see Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier fight again before all is said and done?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 2/25/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM
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