Joe Rogan shares his thoughts on the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard verdict: “I think the real punishment is it’s been exposed to the world how insane she is”

By Susan Cox - June 3, 2022

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has shared his thoughts concerning the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard verdict.

Joe Rogan, Dillon Danis, Jake Paul

It was Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard in a defamation trial in Fairfax County, Virginia, which began on April 11 and ended on June 1, 2022. Plaintiff Johnny Depp alleged three counts of defamation against defendant Amber Heard, claiming $50 million US in damages. Heard, pursued a $100 million defamation countersuit against her ex-husband, Depp.

The Virginia jury of 5 men and two women ruled that Heard did indeed defame her ex-husband Depp, awarding the Pirates of the Caribbean star $15 million in damages. The jury also favoured some aspects of Heard’s counter-suit and awarded her $2 million in compensatory damages.

Speaking on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, Rogan had this to say about the outcome of the trial (h/t Sportskeeda):

“She’s so crazy! I feel like, I don’t want her to have to pay him money. I really don’t, ’cause I think that lady’s broken. And psychologically, she’s so damaged, she’s so crazy. And I think the real punishment is it’s been exposed to the world how insane she is. Like, she’s insane, she’s a liar.”

Rogan went on to compare witnessing Heard lose was like watching a UFC fighter getting beat up. He jokingly mentioned that referee Herb Dean should have stepped in to stop the action.

This is not the first time Rogan has shared his thoughts on the Depp vs Heard fiasco. Make no mistake, Rogan has been on the side of ‘Team Johnny’ from the beginning.

In a previous ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast, Rogan had this to say about the ongoing trial and the ‘witch’ Amber Heard:

“Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial, like whoa, you feel, you feel jealous that some people are movie stars? Yeah? You wanna know what they’re like behind the scenes? When there’s this one witch that convinces the super millionaire to not sign a prenup so that she can weasel all the money out of him.”

“Throws an f–king glass bottle, cuts his finger off, beats him up, and then goes to the press and tells everybody that Johnny beat her.” 

Were you happy with the outcome of the Depp vs Heard trial? Do you agree with Joe Rogan that Heard is ‘crazy’, a ‘liar’ and ‘insane’?